About Us

My passion for Ice Cream was first sparked at my Italian friend Paolo’s gelato shop back in Italy in 1989.
After learning from different gelato master chefs in Italy, in 1992 I moved in Jakarta obsessed with bringing the unique Italian gelato in town.

The result-The Café Pisa gelato company- which I opened in Menteng area, Jakarta, supplying finer restaurants with my Italian-inspired ice cream and sorbets. Fifteen years later, in 2007, I sold the company, recipes and all, to resume my education.

Now I am back. Dedicated to producing the very finest ice cream and sorbet with my new brand IL GELATO DI MATTEO.
“The Lab”, offers a fresh, unique spin on the Italian method of artisanal ice cream making. We source the world over for flavors of purity and excellence, when possible sourcing locally and organically. Enjoy!